Special arrangement of fresh assorted color of Lilies.  These are beautiful & great for any occasion, however they aren't always available for immediate delivery so its recommended that you order at least 24h in advance.



When you order from us you will be in constant contact from the time of order up until confirmation of delivery.  We can message directly form the website chat, email, facebook messenger, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter or any other method you prefer.  We will confirm the order, send photos prior to delivery (make any adjustments as requested), and let you know once the final delivery has been confirmed.  If for any reason you change your mind, aren't satisfied, or want to cancel the order, rest assured we will provide a full refund.

Assorted Lilies

  • Make sure you provide the following information.


    • Is this a surprise?
    • Exact Location of delivery.
    • Specific date/time it should be delivered (local time)
    • Contact number incase any issues arise during delivery.

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