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Fish aquarium for sale Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

So you're looking to buy a cool fish tank in Ho Chi Minh City, but not really sure where to start, there are literally hundreds of aquarium stores but a simple google search returns literally nothing. After spending a couple weeks researching and going around I want to share my tips and advice with you.

When I started this was nearly the only search result I got:


So I decided to write my own blog with a bit more details.

This is the best place to go:


Google Street View

This street has about 20 different aquarium stores and I got mine all in with delivery for about 7 million VND or about $300 USD.

They also sell services to come clean the tank every two weeks, however I did this a couple times but just do it myself now.

It also has this cool sand waterfall and all real plants.

The street looks like this:

If you are in District #2 I recently drove by this place as well. This wasn't a full street or anything just a single aquarium shop, however might be helpful.


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